Designing Your Dreams

"If you can dream it.... we can make it your reality - if only for a day. Imagine the possibilities."

We give you an experience to remember.

Imagine being able to step out of reality for a few hours, a day, or longer...

Now, imagine an adventure, tailored to your style: A quest such as something Indiana Jones or Lara Croft might be involved in, or the search for a golden ring. Can you follow the clues to the final resting place of a treasured heirloom? Or rule a Kingdom for an afternoon, riding through in a horse drawn carriage to the delight of your people.

Or perhaps your style is more suited to a private dinner and dance to the sound of violins or harps. The perfect design for your engagement, birthday or anniversary.

We provide everything from an Individual day of delight to full event design and coordination!

Not only will we design your perfect Distinctly Unique Adventure, but we will costume, style and ensure your dream is complete with a memory album to enjoy and share for all the days to come.