Spyder Designs is...

the culmination of several years of self-taught costuming. It has evolved from a past-time to a hobby and eventually became a passion for designer, Morrigana Pehlke.

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) brought about a desire to make clothing and allowed Morrigana to explore period design and fabrics. In 2009, when she discovered Steampunk, what had been a hobby turned into a full time love and Morrigana's designs moved from a very strict period to an open minded love of all things Victorian-Futuristic.

Under the label "Spyder Designs", Morrigana has been published in several Steampunk inspired books: The Steampunk User's Manual by Jeff VanderMeer and Desirina Boskovich; The Steampunk Gazette by Major Thaddeus Tinker; and Anatomy of Steampunk by Katherine Gleason.

Although Steampunk is a beautiful and ever evolving subgenre, Morrigana has also been exploring Elizabethan, Viking, and Fantasy designs, giving her a vast array of exquisite costumes from which to choose.